My name is Serge Limontov, I'm a Freelance Web Designer & Graphic Designer located in Sydney NSW Australia.

Hopefully my personal info and skills are what you were after.


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General info about me

Freelance Graphic Designer

NAME: Serge Limontov

ROLE/PASSION: Freelance Web Designer, Graphic Designer and Illustrator


EDUCATION: I have several years experience in graphic design, website design and other web related fields like SEO and social media. My design skills were gained from formal design education and learning on the job.

OVERVIEW: I have set out on a journey to become a designer. Like many people out there who have the same passion for design, taking the first steps and discovering how small you are is somewhat scary. I have realised how much broader and advanced the world of design really is.

I am a multi-layered conceptual thinker swimming through the ambiguous flow of creativity and striving to blossom into a complex composition of creative elements. In short… Aiming to become a great designer/illustrator/photographer... person.

I constantly strive to advance my skills by learning new concepts and approaches to create a more vivid experience. Doing research to discover new tools, both relevant to design and other areas.

QUOTE: "I live, I dream, I create." -

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Creative & software skills

  • Responsive Web Design
  • WordPress Website Design
  • SEO and Social Media
  • Website Banners
  • UI Design / UX Planning
  • Graphic Design (Print and Digital)
  • Sketching and Illustration (Digital and Traditional)
  • Nature and Product Photography
  • Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Edge Animate, Flash (Animation), After Effects, Dreamweaver
  • 3D Studio Max, ZBrush, Solidworks
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Project
  • HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, jQuery, WordPress
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About this website

CURRENT VERSION: 3.3 [Responsive] - Hand Crafted!

CREATED BY: Me [S.L.] - What a surprise!

OVERVIEW: Oh the time, when I have it on hand that is when I make updates and add new features/content to create a more enjoyable and informative experience for my visitors. My mobile friendly/responsive website will slightly change and evolve as time goes by.

TECH USED: HTML5, CSS3, PHP 5, JavaScript, jQuery and jQuery Plugins "Cookie" & "Tweetie".