I'm a WordPress Web Designer & Graphic Designer located in Sydney NSW Australia.

Design portfolio with various... design & art stuff!

Samples of my work for your viewing pleasure.


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Digital/Web Design

Cybertronic super duper pixel fun! Let's get creative with building some cool digital User Interfaces [UI] and creating awesome User Experiences [UX].

A few client websites:

GovNews.com.au - Responsive customised WordPress website

EasyShade Marquees - Responsive customised WordPress website

AMH™ - Responsive WordPress website

Pilliga Arts - XHTML/CSS website (New responsive WordPress website coming soon)

Note: I also create WordPress websites & do graphic design projects for websitesnmore.com.au

Print Design

Print it... print it good... print that layout like you should! PANTONE and CMYK are the colour palettes that get the job done!


Starting life from a sketch and slowly but surely get cleaned up, get dressed in colours or drenched in classy black/white and finally become something...


Doodling ideas on napkins, corners of newspapers, crisp A4 piece of paper when one can be found, mostly done on the computer or on the iPad while on the go.

3D Modeling/Painting

Ooh how much I like this fine 3D sculpting business, a bit of digital clay here and a bit there or maybe keep it clean and crisp with precise measurements. Who knows what will happen!?


Precision is key for creating... things. Fuzzy, soft, hard and tough. Can the toys survive those grubby little hands or paws or hooves or pincers... Who knows!?


Wait for it... wait for it... NOW! Click click snap! Nature, architecture, animals and products.


Where is the popcorn, can't watch videos without snacks... well maybe just this once. Creating these motion pictures with sound FX was an experience.