My name is Serge Limontov, I'm a Freelance Web Designer & Freelance Graphic Designer located in Sydney NSW Australia.

I offer various website design & graphic design services for a reasonable price.

I'm passionate about my work and helping people.


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Responsive Websites

What are responsive websites and what do they offer!?

responsive web design diagram

Over the past few years the use of mobile devices has steadily been increasing due to easier accessibility to content on the go and more affordable products being available to the average consumer. Over the next few years there will most likely be an even greater increase in mobile device purchases and better mobile internet plans with more data.

Key features of responsive websites:

  • Saves Money and Time
  • Improved SEO
  • Better Performance
  • Wider Browser Support
  • Broader Market Audience
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Web Design / Digital Media

freelance web designer
  • Responsive WordPress Websites
  • Custom Responsive Websites (HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery)
  • SEO, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Bing Ads
  • Website Analysis and Improvement
  • Web Banners: Static image, Animated and/or Interactive
  • User Interface [UI] (Buttons, icons, layout, fonts, positioning, etc)
  • User Experience [UX] (Features, functionality, usability, interactivity)
  • Photo editing and retouching for web
  • Video encoding for web
  • Graphics, icons, diagrams and graphs for web
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Graphic Design / Print Media

freelance graphic designer
  • Logo, Logotype, Signature, Emblem, Crest.
  • Corporate Identity Stationary: Business card, Letterhead, Invoice, Quote, Compliment slip, Envelope, Sticker, Label, Post-its, Note pad, etc.
  • Misc print: Poster, Pamphlet, Invitation, Post card, Calendar, Packaging, T-Shirts and Misc Graphics.
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Specialized / Other Design

  • Product photography (Digital)
  • Sketching and Illustration (Digital and Traditional)
  • 3D modeling, painting and rendering
  • Converting images and logos to vector artwork
  • Photo editing, retouching and deep etching
  • Product and Toy design
  • Packaging design
  • Font design
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Design Process

The design process is broken down into 6 simple stages.

Serge Limontov - design process

Brief: Entails having a meeting where I listen to your ideas, your objectives and finding out exactly what you are after. All this is done while taking notes and enjoying a cold chocolate.

Planning Stage: Creating a concise solution plan for the deliverables, calculating budget and time frame. If all parties are happy with the paper work then the fun begins. Ooh la la, the "Design Stage" is waiting.

Design Stage: Gathering specific information about your services and/or products. Having show and tell meetings with discussions, showing of sketches, mock-ups and concepts. (Meetings can be in person or Online depending on situation.)

Review/Test Stage: Investigating and specifying if any changes are required. Back to the design stage if there are amendments that need to be made.

Launch: Final design ready to let loose into the wild. This is another opportunity to have a cold chocolate.

Support: At your service... I will help and assist you if I can.

Project Info


The cost varies from the type and size of project. It also depends if you want something completely new or something existing with a fresh new look. If you would like an estimate cost for a job please contact me with your inquiries.

Guideline prices

Responsive WordPress websites with a feature rich Content Management System (CMS), combined with high quality responsive templates and plugins starts from $500+

Website design or web related development is charged at $45 per hour (Min 2 hours).

Graphic Design work is charged at $36 per hour (Min 2 hours).


I usually take a percentage before I start the project and the remaining amount on completion. The payment and terms will be discussed before the project will begin.


I suggest that you plan and prepare all relevant materials you have or want to use beforehand. If you are looking to have a website created then make sure to write down the pages you might think you need, also have a look for websites similar to what you are looking for.

If you find a material that has a similar look to what you want, make sure to take a photo, scan or sketch it down. Write down any ideas you have on paper or better yet type them up on a computer. If you are not very good with words or just don't have the time, I can help you gather and/or create information for the project.


If you have all the information and are ready to get started, please contact me to arrange a meeting in person or on Skype to discuss your exact requirements.

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I do not print and/or manufacture the listed print design services. The items listed are graphical designs only, which will be provided in digital format (e.g. PDF, JPG, PNG, etc...) via email or Dropbox. I can also provide the files on a CD/DVD and/or on a USB memory stick.

I can however outsource an affordable printing company to get the job printed and/or manufactured for you with quality in mind.