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    Sponsorship is temporarily unavailable

    This website is focused on showcasing “design” as the star of the show. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor and offer a suitable product then please submit your request below.

    The options include a custom page and/or responsive banner ad to show the key benefits of your product.

    Examples of suitable products

    • Electronics and gadgets (Drones, cameras, 3D printers, etc)
    • Hobby and crafts (Model kits, glues, paints, materials, tools and accessories)
    • Gear and accessories (Travel, camping, kitchen tools and utensils)
    • Furniture (Indoor and outdoor, solid and flat pack)
    • Concept technology and inventions (Augmented reality, laser holograms, fabrics, etc)

    Please be aware of the following

    • The product(s) must be design related and/or presented from a design aspect.
    • The product(s) should be unique, useful, accessible and/or affordable.
    • The product(s) must not be offensive and/or inappropriate.
    • The product(s) must be listed with at least one high quality image.
    • Your request will be denied if it does not match criteria and/or target audience.
    • There may be a listing/setup fee.
    • Any content updates after sign off may incur an update fee.

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