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General Information

By default all assets come with a “Personal Use License” and may be used in a manner that does not bring any monetary gain. This means that you cannot use the assets for any business, non-profit or organisation of any kind.

Only a valid and active “Pro” membership add-on comes with a “Commercial Use License”. This means that the assets can be used for Contract/Client Work by the account holder.

Note: The account holder must be a single person and not a business or an organisation.
Some assets can be used for personal promotion (e.g. Business card template, Pamphlet template, Resume template).

Note: Assets should not be the primary part of the End Product (e.g. Printing an asset on a shirt or mug). If the End Product contains original assets that are clearly distinguishable then it cannot be mass produced for the sole purpose of being sold or redistributed for advertising/promotional purposes.

You can get in touch with me if you need to obtain an “Extended Commercial Use License” and/or require additional information.

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All the digital assets on “” are created by me (SL) unless stated otherwise and will only be officially available for download on this website.

Templates for print: Business cards, Flyers, Pamphlets, Popup cards, Paper Art, etc.

Other assets: Graphics, Backgrounds, Patterns, Icons, Photos, Textures, 3D models, etc.

File types: PNG, JPG, GIF, PDF, AI, PSD, DOCX, MP3, MP4, etc.

Membership is currently not available!

If you decide to be come a member there is a one time joining fee which needs to be paid to activate your account. You will have the option to pay via PayPal and activate your account when you log in after registration.

There are two optional membership add-ons which are “Pro” and “Premium”. Add-on options can only be purchased by activated members.

By becoming a member, you will be supporting me in running the website and allowing me the opportunity to spend additional time on creating new content for you.

Members will have priority access to content over visitors (non-members) and have additional perks [additional info in the FAQ section].

Note: The account holder must be a single person and not a business or an organisation.

PayPal is the only payment option available at this time. If you do not have a PayPal account then just select “Pay With Credit or Debit Card” option on their payment screen.

All prices are in Australian (AU) dollars.

The account will be set to pending once it is created. As soon as the joining fee is paid and validated, the account will be activated.

A member can only be logged in on a single device at one time. This means that if you or another person accesses your account on another device and/or browser, the currently logged in person will be logged out.

Please note that only the original owner of the account has permission to access and use the member content.

Make sure to keep your personal information private and in a safe place. It is also suggested to occasionally update your password.

This website uses Australian English language and spelling. Other language options will not be offered at this point in time.

Tutorials: How To’s for creating various Arts & Crafts, setting up WordPress, using Adobe software (e.g. Illustrator and Photoshop), model building (e.g. Gundam), character design and more.

Articles: Design guides, theories, concepts, suggestions, useful tools, trends, print/web analysis.

Reviews: Gadgets, Software, Video (e.g. Movies, Anime, 3D Animations), Print Media (e.g. Manga, Books, Guides), Digital Products (e.g. eBooks, Themes, Plugins, Templates).

Note: Some content may be for mature audiences only!

This section is an asset library which contains a selection of various downloadable files for members and members with Pro add-on. Some of these assets are created specifically for professional and/or commercial use and are only available to members with Pro add-on.

Note: Some content may be for mature audiences only!

This domain has been active since 2011 and used for mostly portfolio purposes. In 2018 it has been re-purposed as a blog/design portal.

I have come up with an Eco-Cyber theme/style that merges my passion for nature and technology. Almost all of the artwork and images used within this website are created by me.

You may notice some informative notes and tips throughout the website, this is done to assist  visitors and so they might learn something new.

All content is copyrighted and belong to respective parties which are either mentioned and/or associated to the content provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

I use a program called 7-ZIP (64-bit) for Windows to create zip files and to decompress them. This is their website where you can read more info and/or download the program –

If you use a Mac then this article might help you with zip files –

I use Adobe Creative Cloud software (All Apps plan) for most of the design work.

You can view more details on their website –

I use a program called “Adobe Acrobat Reader DC” to view and print PDF files.

Portable Document Format (PDF) files are very versatile and can be used to contain/display various types of data (e.g. Images, Vector artwork, Text, Links, Layers, Bookmarks, etc).

I have used both systems but I prefer using a PC because I find the Windows Operating System easier to work with. In addition, all my required software and hardware are supported.

There are no comment features available on each page as you may have seen or used on other websites. If you would like to make a comment or suggestion then please use the contact form.

Get in touch if you can’t find what you are looking for.