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By becoming a member, you will be supporting me in running the website and allowing me the opportunity to spend additional time on creating new content for you.

This option is for design enthusiasts who have design related hobbies, people who are interested in design in general or parents looking for ideas to do with their kids. Please keep in mind that you do not need to be a member to view some of the content.

Membership includes access to all standard content, priority content release over non-members, ability to vote and other member only features that may be added in the future.

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The Pro Add-on is for design professionals who want to use assets for commercial work which brings monetary gain. This option includes additional exclusive asset content (templates and graphics) and a Commercial Use License.

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The Premium Add-on gives you access to premium posts with detailed course material. This may include character design, prop design, anatomy studies and more.

*Prices are in Australian Dollars.

Add-on options can only be purchased by members via the account dashboard once they become available.


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