This post will be used as the landing page for my design opinions and the way it will be used/presented throughout the website.

My thoughts about design

Design is such a broad subject which can take many years to unravel and a single lifetime will never be enough. It exists in every living thing and inanimate object you will ever come across.

At first glance things may appear chaotic and unplanned but at closer inspection you will notice that this is not the case. Every single thing has been designed to serve a certain purpose or perform a certain function.

Design exists within everything you can see and even things you cannot. From the smallest grain of sand to the tallest mountain. And even scaling down to a quark particle and scaling up to the vast size of the universe.

I enjoy observing and finding design in various things. I would like to share my findings, experience and knowledge with you. I hope there will be at least one thing that will intrigue and inspire you to create your own opinion of design.